About Vesna Telecare

Your Instructor - Elena Yakubov

Elena YakubavI am a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of nursing experience educating and influencing other nurses to bring their best talents and expertise into the world. 

My mission is to bring awareness and influence people to promote health, self-care, mindful Living by cultivating goodwill, peace, and loving kindness.

In September 2020, I was invited to attend VNSNY Hope Physicians and Health Care Leaders Summit, where, in the end, all of the panelists had a Call to Action!  There was a need and urgency to implement the RPM program for their patients!

It validated that nurses play an essential role in prevention and health promotion by monitoring and picking up early signs of health issues before patients go into distress. Whether it’s in the Acute care facility or at home, the remote monitoring of bio physiological data is imperative in detecting and not only preventing avoidable ER visits and hospitalization but getting timely treatment and positive patient outcomes. 

I took that challenge upon myself and started researching and learned that there is not much information on becoming a remote patient Monitoring nurse. Despite all the challenges, I collected and learned the material about RPM, understood the mechanics and devices, created an initial workflow, and launched the pilot RPM program with several medical practices. After learning RPM’s technical and clinical aspects, I learned the billing aspect to ensure proper reimbursement. That lead me to put all my findings together and create a shortcut –  a course that will guide nurses to quickly learn and find remote jobs to accommodate their lifestyle changes. 

In the process of learning, I have made solid relationships and partnered with major RPM providers and can offer turnkey solutions in facilitating RPM programs for medical practices, health insurance plans, home health, and palliative care agencies.